Home Server It’s about Control

Certainly, either, building a home server from scratch, or purchasing a new one, with pre-installed server software or installing your own., it’s a a lot of work. Why would you want to run a home server? I’m sure you have the answer to this question yourself, however, if you don’t I’ll try to shed some light on this subject.

We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard ….

― John F. Kennedy

Certainly, there are some cons and pros. I won’t get into the details of the cons and pros, that beyond the purposes of this post. However, there are thousands of on-line articles that discuss this subject in deep details.  You may want to google this subject before starting your home server project.

Instead of detailing the pros and cons, I would like write about why I run my own home-sever. I certainly do it, because to certain degree it offers me control.  I like to have control of my Internet connectivity, my file sharing and hosting my own web site from home. It’s certainly a lot of fun, it’s challenging, and rewarding.

However, this particular blog is not hosted from home., it’s hosted from a hosting company. I installed WordPress in my workstation and have a botched install in my server.  I’m waiting on the ClearOS software developers to come up with a fix, and if that does not happen any time soon.  I will have to break my head with my botched WordPress install. Enough with this side-bar.  Let’s get back on track. 

As I mentioned above, I like to have control of my files and my internet connectivity.  The connectivity is beyond the scope of this post.  However, having control of my files is what I have been concentrating on.  Having my own home-cloud and being able to upload and down files to my own cloud it’s important to me.   That’s why I say that a home server its about control.