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The Lonely Linux User, On-line store

Today, it’s a great day for me. Today, I’ve started an on-line store to sell renewed computer systems. Renewed, in the sense of taking a old computer and reworking it to a newer system. Not all renewed system are the same, some will required a lot of brand new parts and other will required none. However, one of the main components that I will ensure to install into all all systems will be either Debian or Elementary OS.

With every system sold I plan to donate 10% to the cause of either of these distributions. These renewed computers are high-quality like-new products, refurbished, pre-owned, and in some cases open-box. We do not believe in discarding computers or electronics, re-use and recycle is the best way to protect our environment. We install either Debian or Elementary OS, we update the system and ensure that it has the basic common applications needed to get started. We also test the system 72 hours before listing it for sale. The buyer has 48 hours to try his/her system and can request a return or refund within the first 48 hours. All sales are final. We hope that we can make you a loyal customer, help us help you, help us promote the Linux OS cause.