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Debian Machine Learning

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. Thank you for taking your time to read my non-sense.

This article is not real. I did not write it., Only this first paragraph was written by me. The two paragraph shown below are written by an Artificial Intelligence bot. How does it work? You enter a few keywords and the AI bot will generate some sort of intelligent scribble. The scribble is both believable and readable. Unless you are not told is AI generated, you won’t be able to know the difference. I’m not sure where the facts came from and how (that’s beyond the point of this article) the AI generated the two paragraphs shown below. However, its an amazing thing that an AI bot can generate such coherent and intelligent. I researched this subject from “Debian Science Machine learning packages.” It’s a bit complicated to get this working, but is fun.

Is Linux good for Artificial Intelligence?

A common question that comes up quite often is ‘is Linux good for Artificial Intelligence?’ and I tend to feel this question is often made in an unhelpful way by people using Artificial Intelligence (AI) in an extremely general way to define and interrogate a ‘better’ machine operating system. You see this often in the popular press in science journalism – people stating that Linux is obviously good for AI when in fact it is just a modern operating system designed to run software in a distributed system. However, if there is a goal that you’re attempting to use Linux to host AI applications or run your AI projects then by all means use this operating system.

Why using Linux as your desktop computer is good?’

“When using Linux as a desktop computer, users will notice that your computer was designed to run as a seamless whole, and not as a separate system to be managed separately. This includes hardware components, such as hard disk and video card, along with operating system, application bundle, and all the other tools needed to run the work. In this way, they are fully integrated into the system, making Linux itself a lightweight, and therefore easier to manage. However, you do still need to be familiar with managing your desktop environment, with its environment …”