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There’s nothing new to report

Uf! I have not been here in quite a while., in fact I even forgotten my login information. After fixing that problem, I decided to make some serious changes to this blog. I’m not longer advertising any used personal items, or selling any refurbished pc’s here. None was sold., the WooCommerce¬† plugin was just a dud. It’s my personal opinion that to sell used items it’s better done with Craiglist. Thus, the on-line shop of this blog was removed.

There’s nothing to report in the desktop world for me. My sisters has been using her Linux desktop and has never complained of any issues with it. She has been able to use her system with Zoom – and has been doing everything she did with her prior Windows system just like thee has been no changes. If you ask me and wish to try a Linux desktop, I recommend you try Elementary OS.

There’s nothing new to report in the server world for me. I’m bored to death and decided to create my own problems. Linux servers works fine in fact the server was up for nearly 4 month until I decided to remove it from the network and go back to the normal ISP supplied router. Linux server do not present any challenges because the operating system works fine. If you ask me and wish to deploy a server/gateway solution, I recommend you try ClearOS.