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Successfully transitioned my sister from Windows to Linux

I’ve successfully transitioned my sister from Windows to Linux. To summarize this story, she started to complaint about her windows computer being slow and having issues with applications. I promise her that I would fix the computer problems. So, I did. I say that “I” have successfully transitioned my sister from Windows to Linux , in reality, I did nothing. Her transition was more of a matter of using her new operating system.

I installed ElementaryOS in her system, completely removed the windows OS in the process. I’ve also ensured she had the latest applications, such as libreoffice, firewall enabled, and got Zoom working in the process. Many things awe her, however one thing that really surprised her and got her going was the easiness of installing, removing, and updating applications through the appcenter.

While ElementaryOS comes preloaded with a good browser such as Epiphany, I still installed the latest Firefox. Other applications such as mail, photos, and videos are also preloaded and readily available. It’s been a month since she started using ElementaryOS till this date no complains, for her it’s been a smooth ride with her new operating system.