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Dual booting Linux Manjaro and Windows the Easy Way

Sounds too good to be true, but yes it’s true. You can dual boot Linux Manjaro and Windows the Easy Way by using an Insigina Dual Hard Drive Docking Station. In my previous article, I blogged about installing a Linux distro into an Alienware Aurora R8. After some trial and error and a few distros I managed to get Linux Manjaro installed.

It occur to me that I could dual boot using the Bios F-12 Option. Having one drive installed inside (Linux Manjaro) the R8 and one externally (Windows 10) I was able to boot either of the operating systems at my leisure. When the systems boots up you either do nothing or you select the the boot option. To select the boot option all you do is press the Function key 12 (F12) immediately when you see the Alienware logo, this will Bring up the boot option. I my case since I made the Linux Manjaro the main OS, then if I want Linux Manjaro to boot up I just leave it be. To boot up Windows 10, after pressing the F12 boot option, all I do is select the Windows Boot Manager to boot into the Windows 10 OS.

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