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Manjaro Live Aurora R8

This morning, I woke up with a goal and a mission in mind. I started by installing Debian 10 into the the Alienware Aurora R8, then I tried Elementary OS. I had to stop the installation of the Elementary OS, because I’ve forgot that the bootable USB I had prepared was a AMD bootable USB and not an i386. The Debian 10 Buster install, from beginning till end worked and the install was complete. However, Debian 10 Buster failed the reboot. That’s another article in writing., I will explain the failure and how to fix it.

Manjaro Live / Aurora R8

Having two failures, I’ve decided to try Manjaro Linux Live. This distribution worked right out of the box., however, there are some BIOS changes that are required prior to start the live boot. Those are underlying BIOS settings which I will not mention until I get a full Linux boot installation working in my Aurora R8. Once I achieve this work, I will list all of my bios settings.

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