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New Toy, new way to run Linux

Two days ago, (01/10/2020) I received my new replacement Alienware Aurora R8 Desktop. If you have been following this blog, you know, that I like to build custom computers and retro-fit used one. However, I’ve have never purchased a brand new pre-build system for myself. This past 2019 Christmas I’ve decided to go all out and purchase one of the best brand name systems in the market. After some delivery hiccups, a dead on arrival Aurora R8 within 24 hours of plugin it, and then an additional few weeks to wait besides the two weeks I had waited for Dell to delivery this system. I’m in business with my new Alienware Aurora R8.

Elementary OS in Windows 10

This is not a review of the Alienware Aurora R8 Desktop, there are lots of those all over the Internet – especially in Youtube. This pieces is about elemenaryOS (refer to the above screen shot of elemearyOS in my windows 10 pc) running in a virtualbox within Windows 10. Personally, I don’t consider myself a Windows guru or power user. I’m more of a Linux enthusiast because that’s what I’ve been using for nearly twenty years plus. However, this is a new system and I do not want to mess around with it except within the Woodwinds 10 operation constrains that I have to live with.

In order to run Elementary OS in a virtual box within Windows 10. first ensure your Windows 10 is up-to-date. Second, download the Oracle VM virtual box software and install it in your Windows 10 environment. Third, download or better yet donate something to the Elementary OS project developers. Then download the elementaryOS iso. You can install elementary OS using Oracle VM virtual box directly from the iso image, or you can burn it to a USB or a CD/DVD whichever the case will be for you. Fourth step, proceed to install elemtaryOS in the windows virtual environment and you are all set to use Linux elementaryOS in a virtual box in your Windows 10 PC.

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