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New 2020 Resolution, Learn Linux

This is the last of 2019, one more day, one more year, 2020 marks a decade. Times flies! Thus, for this new year make your new resolution to learn something new. Learn, Linux, It’s not that hard, and with the entry level systems I have in the shop you cannot go wrong.

There are many reasons that I could point-out to you about learning Linux. However, that’s been done, and you can easily search and find thousands of articles on the subject. However, in order to understand the difference, you need to try it for yourself. Start, learn, and decide by yourself, the transition is not that hard at all. If you are into gaming, there’s a lot for you in Linux with several gaming distributions, steam, and steam play. For people that are into more serious things – business, writing, developing software etc. there’s something for everyone.

Before, I close this mini-article, Happy New 2020 to you and family and may G_d bless you, your family, and your endeavors for 2020.

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