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Why Linux is not popular?

Someone asked me: Why Linux is not popular? Here’s my answer to that question. This piece will discuss freedom from an Operating System point-of-view, and it’s an opinion only. Linux is not popular because it represents “freedom.” To some, freedom is something that does not come for free. To others, freedom is their choice.

Freedom is available and easily attainable. Unfortunately no one cares about it thus they stick to what has been stuffed down their throats. There’s no freedom in today’s Operating System Markets. Two of the major distributions have worked extremely hard to ensure dominance of the markets.

One of the major players ensures that their product is packaged with every system sold by retailers. Another has guaranteed that their OS is theirs only, and can only be found packaged with their own systems. There’s seems to be no escape from this cycle. There are two well established monopolies, they fight hard to keep it that way.

Those in the technical world that truly understand what “freedom” is all about opt to take a lesser traveled path. They opt to walk with Linux, because, fortunately, they understand “freedom,” and they have the technical savvy to download, install, configure and setup the OS to their liking. That’s way Linux is not so popular. No one one’s to download, configure and setup an operating system, they want it already packaged and ready go to.

Linux, in recent years have become extremely easy to use from the Desktop point-of-view., it has become a point-and-click Operating System. From my point-of-view is ready for mass marketing, however, as I explained above, the other two major players ensure it stays out of reach.

Additionally, do not forget, that the two established major players are influenced by other sources – commercial and governmental. No one knows up to what point your daily computing activities have been compromised. Everyday you read how your information is being manipulated and sold. Everyday, you also read about how hackers have been able to breach their systems and create havoc.

It takes people like me and some organizations to teach you what “freedom” is all about. Yet, you resist and prefer to bounded to the systems that takes your “freedom” away. You pay to be restricted and to give your choice of freedom away. That’s your choice.

In closing Freedom is something that does not come for free. You pay for having your choice of freedom taken away from you. You pay for what you get. I like to have freedom of choice, with that said, I choose Linux.

2 thoughts on “Why Linux is not popular?

  1. I would like to address you blog a bit: Linux is not a “point and click” OS. That’s the function of the window manger running on top of Linux, and there are many choices for that.

    And of course, you know this. 🙂

    1. Agree, unfortunately, the non-linux users understands “point & click” because that is what they are used to. You and me, we know understand that’s not the case.

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