About Me


This is my personal web site, it's just a way to claim a place in the vast Internet real estate.  I'm Dr. Eric O. Flores Toro, I work for the Fort Carson Test, Measurement, and Diagnostic Equipment (TMDE) laboratory, doing what I like, love and do best.  I love to solve problems.  I also like to teach others what I know.


In 2016, Colorado Technical University, Colorado Springs Conferred the title of Doctor of Management with a concentration in Environmental and Social Sustainability. This came about due to successfully defending my dissertation titled: “Exploring Needed Management Skills for Small Technology Companies Producing Sustainable Electronic Design.” You can download a copy from ProQuest.  The ProQuest number is 10261920.



I have been working in the field of metrology on and off since 1989.  Metrology is the science of measurement. It establishes a common understanding of units, crucial in linking human activities. Modern metrology has its roots in the French Revolution's political motivation to standardize units in France.  Want to know more about metorlogy?  Read the Wikipedia article about metrology.

My Hobbies


I have  way to many hobbies to mention here,  However, one that's been my favorite since 1996  has been to fiddle with the Linux operating system.  I do not consider myself an expert or a guru, but I do get my way around the Linux operating system.  A sample of my work can be seen at